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14 Replies to “Shaved Taiwanese chub fuck his boyfriend 05”

  1. Beccs says:

    I love the way the suck dick =) Girls add me

  2. CBSound says:

    those glasses make her so much hotter. dont know why, just my opinion lol

  3. Bradman says:

    Awww, I can't wait to hear what you think about the next one! YAY. Thank you so much for watching!! We'll have another out veeeery shortly ??

  4. John0750Nash says:

    Why does my pump do 8 damage?

  5. jessvincent101 says:

    Shit like this is the reason I left Australia in the first place ! ! ! I do miss it, though . . . love the Lucky Country, but had to go elsewhere to make it . . .

  6. Elect_man says:

    She's fucked black chicks on camera, she doesn't do interracial cause she doesn't like the image they portray ie. in porn all white girls that fuck black guys are innocent/helpless and all black guys are thugs/animals. You can tell by the titles of the movies; mandingo massacre, silverback attack etc. A lot of white pornstars don't like it, Rachel Starr too. But yeah with an ass like hers, she's definitely had her share of black meat in her private life.

  7. shobhitshukla89 says:

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  8. rcobarde says:

    She is a hot nasty girl!

  9. sunnypsy0p says:

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  10. stine.oxholm says:

    I love this girl

  11. salvattore001 says:

    When you can't remember why you didn't favorite a video the first time you watched it.

  12. o_oholly says:

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  13. Shadman says:

    I?m All your?s anytime you u need me luv "kiss"

  14. jgov says:

    Whos the girl at the very beginning?

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