A true gay test...FROTTAGE & CUM

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22 Replies to “A true gay test...FROTTAGE & CUM ”

  1. douguitarist says:

    Yes baby, theres more of Gaston on my site

  2. Shep.deb says:


  3. MikeZ0207 says:

    everything about it is good even the music is ok not chezzy

  4. driksla says:

    17:17 - Giselle Leon/Lexi Brooks

  5. FrederikJ says:

    2:14 why the fuck did he look in the fridge. hahaha.

  6. mekukeku says:

    that guy needs to shut the fuck up!

  7. tiRo701 says:

    He shouldn't have to wear a condom. It doesn't help if you have a small cock

  8. rseiler says:

    know how to really describe it. And the ending had one of the worst fake orgasms I've seen. I understand that there were probably multiple takes and that's fine, but does he really expect me to believe he had a full-on body shaking orgasm for like 30 seconds straight? Maybe when I was young and had my first ever orgasm I would have convulsed like that, but he makes it look like it's his first orgasm in years. And on top of that it went on for and unrealistic amount of time. Like he just came 2

  9. Random_Creeper says:

    My man Jonny Sins fucked at least 80 percent of those girls

  10. wanglifang513 says:

    fuck yeah! if my gf wanted to fuck another guy for LOTS of cash...sure! go ahead, but i wouldn't sit there fuck-faced... i'd jack off big-time!

  11. historyom says:


  12. Dave94 says:

    Those are some of the most perfect tits I have ever seen. Wow.....

  13. paulleach1 says:

    I wish someone would eat my pussy

  14. baystater26 says:

    Rayveness will be beautiful when she's 80.

  15. fordteamrs says:

    who says that, "its hitting my cervix..." lmao

  16. AndrewDay says:

    Mmmmm want a stepsister I could fuck like that maybe then mom might catch us

  17. brianharber says:

    I wonder if that ad. is still available.

  18. sgarcia says:


  19. SxDusty says:

    How could you not got a hard on for kelly diamond

  20. iava8jk says:

    fuckin sweet...

  21. neilacevedo says:


  22. GazRfc89 says:

    holy fuck!! I'd love to clean his fat cock after he has creampied her ass!

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